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Helpful toolkit for relaxing, focusing, meditating and healing. A set of the Here&Now toolkit contains six audio tracks: guided meditations, instrumental music, meditation music, angel voices, tibetan bowls, as well as relaxing nature sounds.

All the tracks in each kit can be combined and mixed. You can save your favorite combination and duration. Then, you can access your personal mix whenever you wish. You can also set an alarm or a timer to end meditation or music even if you are asleep. Every month we will add new kit with a different subject and six new audio tracks.


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Influence of meditation and healing music on the brain


MRI scans have shown that meditation and healing music increases Gyrification, or cortical folding, which allows the brain to process information faster. The extent of gyrification is highly implicated as being positively related to intelligence.


Meditation and healing music improves focus by caousing an increase in cortical thickness in regions of brain responsible for attention.

Stress Reduction

Meditation and healing music decreases stress and anxiety by downregulation cortisol and adrenaline creating a state of deep relaxation in which our breathing, pulse rate, blood pressure, and metabolism are decreased.

Brain Function

Meditation and healing music increases whole brain function, by synchronizing the right and left hemispheres of the brain while increasing balance and amplitude in alpha, theta and delta.


Meditation and healing music increases dopamine and serotonin levels by stimulating regions of the brain which are associated with happiness and positivity.


Meditation and healing music improves cognitive function, mindfulness and the ability to sustain focus by increasing grey matter, brain volume and cerebral blood flow.

our team


is pianist and composer with a passion for healing music. Since he was 19 years old, he has been meditating and finding ways to help people reach a state of stillness and peace with music. Thanks to his YouTube channel, his music has had more than 27,000,000 views and it has reached 77,000 subscribers around the world. He is continuing to share his passion for healing music and meditation with this new app: Here&Now.



is visual artist and graphic designer. She worked as art director and lead designer in several magazine companies. She has an incredible passion for spirituality, which she expresses in her work. She has used her spiritual and conscious way of thinking towards the creation of Here&Now.


brings all his knowledge about quantum medicine into the Here&Now app, making it, without a doubt, a unique tool for healing and relaxing.